Tesla has been quickly ramping up production at its car factory in China following a lengthy shutdown related to COVID-19. The automaker lost many weeks of production at the factory, which was an issue since it's Tesla's primary export hub.

That said, the factory is back up to speed and filling up holding lots with batch after batch of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Not long ago, we showed you drone footage revealing a large load of mostly Model 3 vehicles sitting on the Nangang Pier at the Luchao Port in Shanghai, China.

Tesla is working on completing another set of upgrades at the factory in China, and the factory is now likely capable of producing some 3,000 units per day. Thousands of Model Y crossovers are sitting at the port reading for loading and shipping, and more are flooding the area rapidly. 


Drone operator Wu Wa shared the above tweet and published new drone video footage on YouTube, which we've embedded at the top of the page. He tweeted that he was surprised since just a few weeks ago, the Southport Pier was empty. It was just the middle of July when we shared Wu Wa's footage of the growing number of Model 3 vehicles parked on the pier for export.

As you can see, not only did all those Model 3 make their way onto ships to head out for export, but they've already been replaced by an even larger number of Model Y vehicles that are also heading out soon. 

In June, Tesla had record-breaking production and deliveries out of Giga Shanghai, which was impressive due to the problematic setbacks and circumstances leading up to the month. Moreover, Tesla's EVs made up over half of China's New Energy Vehicle (NEV) sales in the first half of 2022, and the Model Y is rocketing up the sales charts in both China and Europe.

It's important to keep in mind that Tesla historically focuses heavily on exports at the beginning of each quarter. As the quarter moves forward, the mix shifts to deliveries closer to home, with deliveries to customers in areas nearest Tesla's factories happening at the end of the quarter.

Tesla may already have the capacity to produce some 3,000 models per day in China, though we have no way to know for sure where numbers currently stand. By the end of the year, the factory is expected to be at an annual production capacity of 5,000 cars per day.

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