How is the Rivian R1T treating this owner after nearly 4,000 miles? He takes us through all the details to provide an honest review of the electric truck now that he's had some quality time with it. Over the course of just two months, he's already taken the R1T on long road trips and it's been stuck in its fair share of commuter traffic, so it's a good time to provide some real-world feedback.

When we stumble upon these insightful owner reviews, we often forget the fact that most of these owners reserved their EVs a long time ago and then waited years to take delivery. Moreover, many eventually followed through with their orders and took delivery of a new electric vehicle sight unseen, and chances are, they didn't even get to spend much time behind the wheel before it was time to take their new EV home.

Rivian R1T owner Derek Blankenship sheds light on such a scenario. He ordered the R1T electric truck three years ago sight unseen, though he just took delivery a few months ago. His biggest concern was not knowing what to expect about the truck's overall build quality and fit and finish.

We're talking about a very expensive truck from a brand-new startup automaker. Derek knew there was a decent chance he could have showed up to take delivery of a vehicle that was just simply not worth the money.

Thankfully that wasn't the case, but it put him on a mission to begin a long-term durability test of the R1T, which he's going to document on his YouTube channel. This way, he can provide regular updates about how the Rivian electric truck is holding up over the course of time, and especially after the miles begin to pile on.

Derek provided the following topics and timestamps to help us navigate our way through the video. However, it's not very long, and it's arguably worth watching in its entirety.

  • 7:00 Drive while door is open
  • 7:46 Misalignment
  • 8:14 AC Vents
  • 10:25 Driver+
  • 11:43 Key Fob Timing
  • 12:30 Automatically locking doors
  • 14:01 Gear Tunnel
  • 14:25 Automatic Wiper Mode
  • 15:00 Front Passenger Door
  • 15:37 Air Suspension
  • 16:37 AC Humming
  • 16:57 Gear Tunnel
  • 18:13 Acceleration
  • 18:51 Road Noise
  • 19:27 3,810 Miles

After you've had a chance to check out Derek's review and initial durability test, scroll down and leave us your takeaways in the comment section below. What's your take on the Rivian R1T?

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