The Rivian R1T is one of the most talked about vehicles currently on sale. Not only because it comes from one of the select few EV startups to actually make it to the production stage, but also because it's a seriously well-sorted pickup truck. However, what's it like to live with in reality? R1T owner HaulYT let us know in his latest YouTube video.

Haul first discussed several things he likes about his R1T. He is a massive fan of how it drives. Not only is the acceleration great, but the R1T's handling is also superb. Equally, it's very smooth and comfortable which is excellent for highway driving. The interior is well laid out with high-quality materials throughout. There's also plenty of storage space, meanwhile running costs are remarkably low. Haul praised Rivian customer service, noting how friendly and useful Rivian staff are.

However, his R1T does have its issues - even if they are only minor problems. For example, one thing that frustrates him is the climate controls. The button to change the fan speed on the infotainment screen is tiny and therefore very awkward to hit when driving. Furthermore, the vents can only be adjusted on the touchscreen, not physically. 

There is no lock screen for cleaning the R1T's 12.3" touchscreen. Also, the truck can automatically unlock if you're within 10-15 yards of it. Therefore you could be in a restaurant or gas station and your R1T could unlock, thinking you are nearby and walking towards it.

One more complaint is the charging network. The Rivian Adventure Network is taking a long time to build, with the first three stations only opening last month. Moreover, Haul's real-world range is around 270 miles which is significantly under the R1T's 314-mile EPA estimate.

That said, none of the above complaints outweigh the many positives of the R1T. Overall Haul is super happy with his truck and does not regret waiting 2 years and paying over $70,000 for it.

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