A Chinese vlogger and Tesla Model Y owner, Trensen Chongqing, and his friend recently reached the base camp of Mount Everest in their EVs. The two men set out on a 1,500-mile road trip from Chengdu to Mount Everest to prove the real-world capabilities of electric cars. 

Chongqing extensively modified his Model Y for the trip, meanwhile his friend also made several changes to his Model X to ensure it could survive the harsh, high-altitude conditions. The Tesla Supercharger network effectively made the journey possible. There are currently over 8,700 Superchargers in China, many in remote locations.

As Chongqing got closer to Everest (or Mount Qomolangma as it's known to the Chinese), traffic began to die down more and more. However, the rough terrain and high altitude did not stop the X and Y. Camp Mode also ensured both men could sleep in their cars overnight when there were no hotels nearby. 

According to the video posted by Tesla China, the duo had to stop and charge nine times on their journey to Everest. This means they averaged just over 160 miles per charge. After five days, they finally reached their destination: North Base Camp. At an altitude of 5,200 meters (17,060 feet), both vehicles ran perfectly. A remarkable feat, both for Tesla and EVs in general.

To learn more about Chongqing's impressive journey, check out the below video.

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