The Tesla Model Y remains the most popular electric crossover on sale, despite the mounting competition from traditional manufacturers. But what's the Model Y's long-term reliability like? It's only been on sale for two years after all, so you'd think it would be hard to judge. However one owner, YouTuber Gjeebs, has clocked up over 40,000 miles on his 2020 Model Y. He recently gave his overall thoughts on the vehicle after two years of ownership, also going through some unexpected costs he has encountered.

Gjeebs first discussed tires. His stock tires lasted 36,000 miles before they had to be replaced. He also had to replace a windshield after it got cracked. Although his car is a Long Range, he wants it to look like a Performance so specced 20" Induction Wheels and got an aftermarket Performance spoiler. He also wrapped his Y pink for a gender reveal.

The YouTuber is a big fan of Tesla Autopilot, although he does experience phantom braking from time to time and he feels his Model Y could change lanes quicker. He doesn't think FSD is worth it, with standard Autopilot being more than adequate. He thinks the Tesla Supercharger Network is superb. He feels it's a major advantage at the moment, although Tesla is opening up the network to other manufacturers in Europe and will likely do so in North America soon.

In general, after 40,000 miles his car has been perfect. It's cheap to run and the only things he's had to replace are two tires and a windshield. He thinks the Y's comfort and autonomy make it ideal for road trips. It's also very practical as a daily driver with plenty of space. Although it could be built better (frequent rattles/creeks, a good bit of road noise) overall he's more than happy with his Y and does not regret buying it.

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