EV enthusiasts have high expectations from the Nissan Ariya, the Japanese automaker's first all-new electric vehicle since the launch of the second-generation Leaf in 2017.

The electric compact SUV was initially expected to debut in mid-2021, but repeated delays caused by chip shortages and other supply issues threw a wrench in Nissan's plans.

Thankfully, the delays appear to have come to an end as customer deliveries of the electric compact SUV have begun in Japan in May, with Europe to follow this summer. US customers will have to wait until late fall 2022 to take delivery of the Ariya, but only if they are among the earliest reservation holders. 

Nissan USA stopped taking reservations for the 2023 Ariya as the company has decided to limit orders to what can realistically be delivered in a timely manner.

Until the Ariya lands stateside, let's see what it is made of in this new in-depth review from Autogefühl. As always, Thomas provides a thorough examination of the vehicle he's reviewing, in this case a European-spec Ariya FWD model.

The video offers a detailed look at the exterior, interior and driving experience of the Nissan Ariya, and it looks like the new EV has won over this reviewer.

Thomas appreciates the build quality and materials of the interior, and also points out some cool interior features such as the dual 12.3-inch widescreen displays, sliding center console, electric storage compartment at the center of the dash, wooden capacitive climate controls and rearview mirror digital function. 

When it comes to space, Thomas sits comfortably on both rows of seats, even though he's quite tall at 6 foot 2 and this particular Ariya features a panoramic roof. Actually, he says the compact electric SUV has one of the best electric vehicle interiors he has seen so far from all manufacturers. 

That is really high praise, but what about the driving part? Well, the acceleration is adequate for a single-motor, front-wheel-drive model, and the vehicle also feels pretty agile in corners. The ride quality is good with the standard 19-inch wheels, and noise insulation is top notch—the Nissan Ariya has double-paned windows both front and rear.

The range achieved by Thomas in good weather conditions and on fairly flat terrain is more that 450 kilometers or almost 280 miles, and that's with the standard battery. Overall, the Ariya appears to offer the complete package, but you should watch the entire video to learn about some of the downsides the reviewer identified.

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