Transition Bikes is set to launch a new electric mountain bike soon, one that aims to blur the lines between electric bikes and standard bicycles. As you probably know, electric bikes are a lot heavier than their non-motorized counterparts. When you put this in the context of off-road riding, particularly in an enduro scenario, this excess weight can drastically affect the handling characteristics of the bike.

Transition Bikes currently has the Repeater in its model range, an 85Nm eMTB with enduro geometry, long-travel suspension, and premium components. The brand is now developing a model called the Relay, a machine designed to sport either 160mm or 170mm of suspension travel, and can roll on either 29-inch wheels, or a mixed-wheel setup. Transition says that the Relay isn’t a full-powered electric bike like the Repeater, but rather, one with a smaller motor designed simply to help the rider get to the top of the trail.

Transition Bikes Developing Fauza Ride 60-Powered Relay E-MTB

Clearly, the Relay has lightness and agility in mind, and Transition has achieved this by putting electric pedal-assist power in the back seat, so to speak. The result is a torque output of just 60 Nm, and a motor and battery combo that tips the scales at just 4.2 kilograms. As mentioned earlier, the Relay is a bike designed primarily for sport, so don’t expect much in terms of range and practicality. What it does offer, however, is the option for you to ride it without a battery, effectively dropping 2.3 kilograms of weight, as you would a normal bike—assuming you’re down to work up a sweat.

The motor found in the Transition Relay is a Fauza Ride 60 system mated to a 430 Wh battery. The brand calls it the “mountain biker’s e-bike”, as it is said to offer the pedal assist of an electric mountain bike with the nimble handling of a standard enduro bike. As for the bike’s design, we find the Fauza motor integrated seamlessly into the bike’s frame. In the case of the Relay, only the battery is removable, while the motor remains fixed inside the frame, and can only be removed for servicing.

Transition Bikes Developing Fauza Ride 60-Powered Relay E-MTB

When it comes to pricing and availability, Transition has yet to reveal pricing figures for the bike. However, it is expected to drop in Spring, 2023—still a ways to go. That being said, given the brand’s focus on lightweight and superb handling characteristics, expect the Relay to behave much more like a standard enduro bike, than a full-power electric mountain bike.

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