just officially released its 2022 American-Made Index, and Tesla dominates. The index ranks the top new cars, trucks, and SUVs in the States based on how much they contribute to the US economy.

The publication considers various criteria as it compiles the list, such as where each vehicle is manufactured, where the parts come from, and how the brand handles factory job sourcing. The cars' engine and transmission are also taken into account.

Based on its research, notes that the Tesla Model Y claimed the leading position in this year's American-Made Index, followed by its closely related sibling, the Model 3 at No. 2. Moreover, Tesla took four of the top 10 positions on the list. Honda also has four vehicles in the top 10, with the remaining two positions held by Jeep and Lincoln.

While GM doesn't have any vehicles near the top of the list, it has the most models on the list. In fact, GM's models make up 20 percent of the index as a whole.

This is the second year an electric vehicle has held the leading position on the list, and EVs and hybrids account for some 15 percent of the total list for 2022. The publication also shares that shoppers favored American-made vehicles much more this year, citing a 22 percent increase in interest in American-made vehicles year over year.

The Tesla Model 3 topped the list for the 2021 model year, followed by the Model Y in the three spot. Last year marked the first time an EV took the top position in the list’s 16-year history.

Check out the 2022 American-Made Index Top 10 list below:

  1. Tesla Model Y
  2. Tesla Model 3
  3. Lincoln Corsair
  4. Honda Passport
  5. Tesla Model X
  6. Tesla Model S
  7. Jeep Cherokee
  8. Honda Ridgeline
  9. Honda Odyssey
  10. Honda Pilot editor-in-chief Jenni Newman shared:

“That Tesla — an American-made all-electric make — appears frequently and high up on the list may indicate a coming alignment of market forces that could really explode once we break through microchip supply chain issues, especially if gas prices remain historically high."

Out of 379 total vehicles available in the US, 95 were featured on the 2022 American-Made Index. Despite Tesla's dominating presence, the sourcing, production, and assembly for the vehicles as a whole came primarily from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, and Tennessee. Tesla builds its vehicles in California and Texas.

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