We'll start by confirming that "yes," it's certainly possible to charge other electric cars with the Ford F-150 Lightning. We've made this clear when it comes to the Ford electric truck, as well as the Rivian R1T and other EVs. However, charging five other electric vehicles at once from the truck's onboard power system seems a bit excessive, right?

Our good friend Kyle Conner and the talented gang over at Out of Spec Reviews are known for putting cars to the test. When we say that, we're not just talking about some simple acceleration runs or a trip to the trails, but next-level stuff that you'll rarely see other channels attempting. It may be excessive, but that's the point, and it's arguably just as informative as it is silly, so we appreciate the coverage.

At any rate, the Ford F-150 Lightning comes standard with the Pro Power Onboard system, which allows you to provide household power away from home. The point here is to be able to plug in items such as tools, work equipment, lights, and virtually anything else you can think of while you're at your home away from home.

People will obviously use such a feature at the worksite or while camping. Honestly, we could think of hundreds of uses for Ford's Pro Power Onboard system, and one of the more obvious, at least to us, is charging another EV. That said, some folks may not even consider the fact that the truck can provide power to other electric vehicles, and certainly not five of them. 

In the video above, you'll see Kyle and Jordan charge the five EVs off of the F-150 Lightning for a full night, pushing the all-new electric pickup truck to the max.

As standard, the Lightning includes a Pro Power Onboard system that offers multiple household plugs. There are some in the Mega Power Frunk, and others in the bed and the interior cabin. For people interested in the technical details, Kyle provides the usual detailed explanation of the system, how much power it can deliver, and how it works.

In the end, the Lightning proves its prowess by charging the other vehicles with no issue whatsoever. Kyle says the truck doesn't break or overheat, and as you'll see, there's still plenty of range to spare.

There's a whole lot to take in here as Out of Spec takes us through exactly how it hooked up each car, and how the whole situation unfolds. Written words can't do it justice, so, at this point, we'll leave you to check out the video and see how it all plays out.

After you've had a chance to watch Kyle and Jordan work their magic – or perhaps we should credit the F-150 Lightning's magic – leave your takeaways in the comment section below. And, if you have any questions, we'll try to steer them in Kyle's direction.

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