Volkswagen needed a non-GTX-badged all-wheel drive ID.4 version and that’s exactly what was added to the range in Europe with the introduction of the new ID.4 Pro 4Motion. Its dual-motor setup makes 261 horsepower (versus the GTX’s 299 horsepower) and it costs from €49,020 in Germany (around €1,400 less than the GTX).

It is seven tenths slower to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) compared to the GTX, achieving the sprint 6.9 seconds. Its top speed is the same as the ID.4 GTX’s, 180 km/h (112 mph), which is more than the rear-wheel drive models’ 160 km/h (99 mph) maximum.

However, the ID.4 Pro 4Motion version is not designed for performance car enthusiasts, but rather for people who may need to tow something and who also may be more inclined to take the vehicle off-road. It is rated to tow 1,400 kg (3,087 pounds), 200 kg (440 pounds) more than the ID.4 Pro RWD, and with the front motor providing traction when needed, it should be slightly less prone to getting stuck off-road.

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With this new version (that granted isn’t a whole lot cheaper than the GTX) Volkswagen will make the ID.4 even more enticing for buyers. As a model, it’s been doing really well, with 163,000 vehicles delivered around the world in 2021 and an expected increase in that number this year.

The ID.4 is currently being built at two factories in Germany, VW’s Zwickau and Emden plants (through a completely carbon-neutral process, according to the manufacturer), in Chattanooga, Tennesse and in China through the SAIC-VW joint venture that builds the ID.4 X, as well as the FAW-VW joint venture that makes the ID.4 Crozz. It is also available as the more rakish ID.5 with a coupe-like roof and ever so slightly sportier tuning to the way it drives compared to the ID.4.

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