This week, we have news about where to find cheaper used EVs, Ford's latest investments, Solid Power's solid-state battery pilot production, and a Tesla Cybertruck camping mod.

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Tesla Model S Has Highest Resale Value Among Luxury Cars In Germany

Cheap vs. Expensive

Looking for a used EV? You may want to look at this list, target certain markets, and avoid others. iSeeCars recently completed a study to see where the most expensive cities were for specific EVs compared to the cheapest cities.

For example, if you are in the market for a Tesla Model S and you live in St. Louis, MO, you may want to avoid your city and look around Norfolk, VA to save over $30,000. Other cities to target include Mobile, AL, Columbia, SC (where I went to school, Go Gamecocks!), Salt Lake City, UT, or Indianapolis, IN. 

Cities to avoid include Denver, CO (where I live now), San Antonio, TX, Medford, OR, and Knoxville TN. There are some substantial savings out there if you are all for the hunt and willing to travel.

Big Spender

Ford made a big announcement late last week about plans for a $3.7 billion investment across Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri. $2 billion will be spent in Michigan, which includes funds to increase the production of the F-150 Lightning. $1.6 billion will be spent in Ohio, including plans to build an electric commercial vehicle. Lastly, in Missouri, Ford will spend $95 million with money allocated towards producing E-Transit vans. All in all, Ford plans to create 6,000+ jobs.

Solid Power Begins Production

Colorado-based Solid Power has begun pilot production of its solid-state batteries. A competitive advantage that Solid Power has is that, with some re-tooling, its batteries can be produced in a facility that is already making lithium-ion batteries. Solid Power expects to have batteries ready for vehicle testing with BMW and Ford later this year and possibly be ready for mass production in 2024.

Camping Season

Camping season is here. Okay, okay, the Tesla Cybertruck isn’t out yet, but that didn’t stop Space Campers from dreaming up a camping solution for the Cybertruck. For $24,000, owners can transform their Cybertruck into a camper van by adding a wedge-like camper modification to lay on top of the vehicle. The camper can house a double bed and features a solar roof, interior lighting, four electrical outlets, and much, much more. This is my kind of camping.

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