Father’s Day is just around the corner, and e-bikes are a rapidly growing form of recreation and exercise. Yes, apart from being super useful for short commuting duties, as well as fun on the trails or back roads, there are a good number of health benefits associated with riding electric bicycles. As such, they’re the perfect gift for dads looking to stay in shape while having tons of fun in the process.

Luckily, electric bicycle manufacturer Super73 has released its Father’s Day gift guide for those of you looking to get your dads something they’ll really, really like. Super73’s lineup is a perfect fit for both young and slightly older dads, and is accessible by a wide range of budgets. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s offerings, shall we?

The Super73-Z Series has numerous options for the budget-conscious buyer, including the all new Super73-Z Miami, which is packed with technology. This Neighborhood Explorer, which costs $1995, has a lightweight aluminum chassis, a replaceable battery for easy charging, and a 1200W motor for increased power. The Z Miami can be ridden in four distinct classes and riding modes thanks to the Super73 phone app, with speeds exceeding 28 mph in the unrestricted option. When riding in ECO mode with pedal help, the battery range exceeds 50 miles.

SUPER73 Showcases Model Lineup In Time For Father’s Day

The R Series, at the other extreme of the Super73 spectrum, is the pinnacle of technology when it comes to the company's current offerings. While the prices are higher, so is the specification, which includes full suspension, the most powerful engines, and big disc brakes. The $3,695 Super73-RX Mojave is a wonderful pick for the performance-oriented traveler who appreciates the route as much as the destination.

The company's most powerful engine, rated at 2000W, is housed in the aircraft-grade aluminum frame, allowing for the highest top speed in off-road mode, which can be accessed via the phone app. It also includes the largest, replaceable battery at 960 watt-hours, which delivers more than 40 miles of range at 20 mph (Class 2 mode) or more than 75 miles in ECO pedal assist mode. The standard 3-amp charger takes about 6-7 hours to charge, or 3-4 hours if a 5-amp charger is available.

SUPER73 Showcases Model Lineup In Time For Father’s Day

The RX can handle diverse terrain thanks to its low-profile Speedster seat and robust suspension components which consist of an inverted coil spring front fork with air assist and adjustable damping, as well as an adjustable coilover mono shock at the rear. This capable platform features a four-piston brake caliper with a huge 203mm front rotor and 180mm rear rotor. The Super73-RX is a terrific choice for family rides and light off-road excursions, thanks to its hefty GRZLY tires.

While Dad won't need a permit, insurance, or registration to hop aboard and go for a ride on his Super73, he should always wear safety equipment. A good helmet, in particular, can save lives, and Super73 offers numerous options on their official website, which is listed below. There are also optional items available to enhance your riding experience. There's a large choice of accessories to pick from, including faster chargers and security locks, as well as luggage and mounting systems, phone mounts, pedals, handlebars, and more.

SUPER73 Showcases Model Lineup In Time For Father’s Day
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