Lancia, the Italian premium brand which is part of the Stellantis group, announced this month the start of a renaissance toward a battery-electric future.

The company has outlined a 10-year strategic plan, which includes an introduction of three new, all-electric models - one every two years, starting with 2024.

The first model, in 2024, will be the new Lancia Ypsilon (B segment size - around 4-meters long, with a 100% electrified powertrain), followed by a new flagship model (4.6-meter long). The final model will be the new 4.4-meters long “Delta - "a sculpted and muscular car, with geometric lines, which will attract car enthusiasts throughout Europe".

The word "electrified powertrain" in the case of Ypsilon suggests that it might still have also a hybrid/plug-in hybrid version.

From 2026 on, all new models introduced by Lancia will be 100% electric, while from 2028 only 100% electric cars will be sold. It means that the electrification of Lancia will be faster than the group's average in Europe, which intends to complete the switch to a 100% passenger BEV sales mix by 2030.


Lancia announced also intends to offer its cars in five countries outside Italy: France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, where the company will open 100 new dealers in 60 major cities.

According to the company, those are the most important markets considering "love and passion for the “Made in Italy," high relevance of online sales (which is expected to take 50% of Lancia sales) and high sales of the B-segment premium cars:

Three the criteria that led to the selection of the countries:

  • The first is love and passion for the “Made in Italy”, with Spain, Belgium and France leading the way.
  • The second is the relevance of online sales, with The Netherlands and Germany in pole position.
  • The third is the dimension of the B premium segment, with all these countries ranking in the top five.

Lancia electrification plan in brief:

  • three new BEV models by 2028:
    2024: the new Lancia Ypsilon (B segment size - around 4-meters long)
    2026: a new flagship model (4.6-meter long)
    2028: the new 4.4-meters long “Delta”
  • from 2026 the brand will only launch 100% electric cars
  • from 2028 the brand will sell solely 100% electric cars
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