Bianchi's T-Tronik series electric bikes are mainly occupied by mountain bikes. However, the Italian manufacturer looks to expand its e-bike horizons into the world of utility-focused commuting. The result of this is the introduction of two new models, the C-Type and T-Type, that are designed for city riding and touring, respectively.

Bianchi's new e-bikes have a clean and beautiful design that emphasizes comfort, adaptability, and utility. The T-Tronik C-Type and T-Type are designed for everyday usage, which means they're simple and easy to operate. They both feature a step-through frame, and handlebars with adjustability from 90 to 140 degrees, allowing the user to select the most comfortable riding posture, whether for commuting to work, recreational rides, or even a quick workout. A more athletic step-over frame is also available for the touring vehicle.

Bianchi Unveils T-Tronik Range Of City Commuter E-Bikes

The C-Type is clearly more suited to relaxing, pleasant city rides, with its shape allowing for simple access on the bike. The rider is protected from dirt by the chain cover and mudguards, and the battery has a user-friendly release system that allows the user to charge it off the bike, such as in the workplace or at home.

The T-Type, meanwhile, is designed as a more adventurous electric bike capable of the occasional trail ride and out-of-town excursion. Because of its more sturdy construction and somewhat more athletic style, the two-wheeler can also handle medium-difficulty off-road routes. The touring-focused T-Type comes in sporty Urban Gray and Green colours, while the C-Type comes in sleek and elegant Iridescent Bronze or Blue Stone color choices.

Both the city and touring T-Tronik e-bikes have a 250W Shimano E6100 motor with a claimed torque of 60 Nm. Meanwhile, a 417 Wh Phylion battery claims to provide up to 59 miles of autonomy on a single charge. With the power assist, the bikes can achieve a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour, but they can easily exceed that with the assistance of plain old fashioned pedal power.

The e-bikes are fitted with 100-lumen front lights that provide visibility of up to 400 meters, as well as a rear luggage rack that can carry luggage weighing up to 25 kilograms. SunRace nine-speed shifters, 29-inch wheels, and Radius hydraulic disc brakes are standard on both bikes. There is no indication on the price or availability of the new T-Tronik C-Type and T-Type, nor does Bianchi specify when they will be available. Given the usual features, we should expect the bikes to be on the more affordable end of the scale.

Bianchi Unveils T-Tronik Range Of City Commuter E-Bikes
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