US News & World Report recently released its list of the "Best Hybrid, Plug-In, and Electric Vehicles of 2022." The brand-new Kia EV6 electric crossover took the top honors as the publication's "Best Electric Vehicle." Meanwhile, the publication named the Tesla Model Y the "Best Luxury Electric SUV” for the model year.

This comes as no surprise since many publications have been ramping up their awards to electric cars over the years. This has proven especially true in 2022, as several EVs have already received awards this year from multiple publications across the globe.

The winners on US News' list of the Best Hybrid and Electric Vehicles each beat a long list of compelling rivals. The publication took many factors into consideration, including each car's overall score, starting price, charging speed, and EPA range and efficiency. A total of 82 cars and SUVs were considered for the awards.

US News Best Cars notes that winning vehicles offer the best overall combination of quality, value, and efficiency in their respective segment. As for the Kia EV6 crossover, the publication praises its roomy and upscale cabin, eager acceleration, and athletic handling. US News calls the Kia a well-rounded EV with a low base price and "exceptional driving range of up to 310 miles.”

The Tesla Model Y is similar to the Kia EV6 in many ways, though it's a more premium vehicle that carries a much higher price tag. US News awards it as 2022's Best Luxury Electric SUV due in part to its somewhat surprising sales success. The Model Y is now the best-selling EV in the States despite a host of new competition and a high starting price of $62,990.

That said, the Model Y offers a much cheaper alternative to the larger Tesla Model X, which has a starting price of a whopping $114,990. The publication calls the Model Y "one of the most capable and well-rounded luxury electric SUVs that you can buy at the moment."

According to Tesla, the Model Y can scoot from zero to 60 mph in as little as 3.5 seconds, and it has an EPA estimated electric range of over 300 miles.

Other award winners on US News' list include the Lucid Air, which is named the Best Luxury Electric Car, as well as the Hyundai Tucson Plug-In Hybrid and Volvo S60 Plug-In Hybrid as the publication's Best Plug-In Hybrid and Best Luxury Plug-In Hybrid, respectively.

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