Solo Advanced Vehicle Technologies (Solo AVT), a new company founded in 2021 and based in Fremont, California, revealed today the design of its futuristic SD1 electric truck.

The Solo AVT SD1 is a long-haul battery-electric Class 8 truck, envisioned for driving range of more than 500 miles (800 km) and tailored specifically for fully autonomous driving.

According to Solo AVT, thanks to the new design that removes the human onboard and active aerodynamics, the SA1 has the lowest drag coefficient of any Class 8 truck on the road. Together with other elements like low-rolling resistance tires, the vehicle is expected to be efficient.

Solo AVT SD1
Solo AVT SD1

The truck is powered by multi-speed tandem axles with integrated electric motors, which together offer a total peak power output of 600 kW.

Solo AVT underlines full aerospace-level system redundancy for autonomous operation, combined with exterior lighting to communicate to pedestrians and other road users and a unique sound signature.

In terms of trailers, it's promised to be compatible with the existing standard trailers and all standard loading docks. The company promises that the vehicle will be able to haul an equivalent weight to today's Class 8 trucks.

Also in terms of fast charging, there is no proprietary solution as the vehicle will be compatible with existing fast chargers - we assume the current CCS and the future high-power Megawatt Charging System (MCS) for trucks.

Overall, the Solo AVT SD1 appears to be one step beyond the other electric trucks, as it adds the fully autonomous driving element to the equation, on top of yet to be achieved long-range and high payload capability.

There is no timeline of when we could see the SD1 on the market, or even in the prototype stage. Introducing an all-new product on the market usually takes at least a few years.

Solo AVT says that it is rapidly growing its engineering team and invites you to visit its website to check career opportunities.

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