Audi will introduce a new all-electric concept next week called the Urbansphere, the third and final concept from the Sphere family of design studies. 

Audi says the Sphere concepts, which also include the Skysphere coupe and the Grandsphere sedan, offer a look at the future of the brand's design and illustrate how the company is defining the progressive premium mobility of the future.

Originally scheduled to debut at the now canceled Beijing Auto Show, the Audi Urbansphere concept will have its world premiere online on April 19 at 12:00 pm CEST.

As its name suggests, the Urbansphere concept is designed for city use, more specifically for customers in Chinese megacities. It is actually the first Audi car to reflect the wishes and experiences of Chinese customers

The electric concept car is said to offer the largest interior of any Audi to date, which should come as a cool perk in areas where personal space is in short supply.


That's a bold claim, but the teaser photo appears to back it as the vehicle looks like a minivan or a crossover with suicide doors. Two rows of seats are visible, offering generous knee room and headroom, especially in the rear. 

Audi says the study was systematically designed from the inside out and shows how automated driving "transforms the interior into a mobile world of experience with no steering wheel, pedals, and displays to get in the way."

Developed in close cooperation with Audi's design studios in Beijing and the Ingolstadt headquarters, the Urbansphere is said to document how the carmaker is interpreting the car as a third living space. 

Along with the teaser photo, Audi has also released a short video featuring prima ballerina Yuan Yuan Tan who is shown taking a ride in the Urbansphere concept. The film offers glimpses of the lounge-like interior and the front and rear ends featuring dynamic lighting on generous surfaces.

Audi will officially unveil the Urbansphere concept on April 19 as part of a virtual event attended by Audi AG sales and marketing boss Hildegard Wortmann, technical development head Oliver Hoffmann, and head of Audi brand Henrik Wenders.

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