General Motors' BrightDrop division has renamed its EV410 and EV600 electric delivery vans to Zevo 400 and Zevo 600, in addition to unveiling a new brand visual system.

BrightDrop says the new names more closely align with its mission and purpose of decarbonizing last-mile deliveries. The name Zevo was chosen because it contains ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle) and EV (Electric Vehicle) and is a play off “zero”—a reference to GM's Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions, and Zero Congestion vision.

From now on, the BrightDrop Zevo 400 designates the entry-level electric delivery van offering over 400 cubic feet of cargo space and designed for smaller, more frequent deliveries, such as grocery drop-offs and telecom maintenance.

The BrightDrop Zevo 600 is the bigger model offering 600 cubic feet of cargo space and a longer range of up to 250 miles; it is designed for longer-range deliveries.

BrightDrop Zevo 400
BrightDrop Zevo 400

In addition to renaming its vans, the GM subsidiary has also renamed its BrightDrop EP1 electric cart to BrightDrop Trace. The name, which is e-cart spelled backwards, hearkens back to the BrightDrop brand system of flowing lines and movement.

The BrightDrop Trace is an IoT-connected, electric cart designed to optimize the transport of goods over short distances—for example, from the delivery vehicle to the customer's door. 

As for BrightDrop's new brand visual system, the company says its goal is to display the strength and legacy of GM "while leaning into our entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring we stay true to our mission of creating a revolutionary new delivery ecosystem, and create a brand that can connect with anyone."

The theme of BrightDrop's brand system is "Keep Goods Flowing." By using lines, swift movement, gradients, and bold colors, the company says it displays a visual foundation "that connotes forward progress and movement." The first application of the new visual brand system is BrightDrop's newly revamped website.

Since launching at CES 2021, BrightDrop has unveiled two electric delivery vans and landed some of the world's largest customers like FedEx Express, Walmart, and Verizon. The company also expanded its US footprint with offices in Palo Alto, Detroit, and Atlanta to accommodate its team that has grown more than 200% in just 12 months.

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