BMW's first all-electric M car, the i4 M50, is very compelling on paper. More power and torque than an M4, plenty of range and brutally quick acceleration. But does it live up to expectations? Yuri and Jakub from The Straight Pipes find out in their latest video.

The pair first discussed the acceleration, noting just how rapidly quick the i4 M50 was. The driving dynamics are better than most EVs, although not quite as fun as its gasoline equivalent around twisty roads. The interior is nice, although a bit too infotainment-focused for Yuri's liking - more hard buttons would be more preferable for him. There is no frunk unfortunately, meanwhile range is 270 miles with the 19" alloys or 227 miles with the larger 20" ones.

The i4 M50 is very good to drive, offering much more than quick acceleration. It drives like a normal sports sedan, with good steering. The regenerative braking is very effective too, although it can take some time to get used to. Charging from 10-80% takes as little as 21 minutes, although finding a charger fast enough to do so can prove a challenge.

The voice controls aren't great, but the artificial acceleration sounds by Hans Zimmer are cool. There's plenty of storage space, meanwhile the seats are very comfortable. Both Jakub and Yuri like the looks, however Yuri would have preferred if the production i4 was a bit more futuristic like the concept was. That said, both agreed it looks much better than the Model 3.

For Jakub, it's his favorite electric car in the segment. Fun to drive, good looking, comfortable and with plenty of tech, the i4 M50 is hard to fault.

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