The Tesla Model Y remains the most popular electric crossover on sale. Back in March 2020 it launched in the US, and we are now beginning to see how the first few Model Ys are holding up 2 years on. YouTuber Gjeebs recently did a review of his 2020 Model Y, going through all the positives and negatives he has experienced after 35,000 miles.

Gjeebs noted that there are several other electric crossovers now available that weren't on sale when he got his Model Y back in mid-2020. So, if he was buying a crossover again would he still get a Model Y? Well, Gjeebs thinks its still just about the best all-round electric crossover on sale, but there is one massive issue - the price. 

Gjeebs paid $54,190 for his Long Range AWD Model Y 2 years ago. However, if he wanted to buy a new LR Model Y today he'd have to fork out almost $65,000 before any options. The entry-level Model Y is effectively twice as much as the base Volkswagen ID.4 once incentives and delivery charges have been applied. However, that's not really a fair comparison. Hence if you look at the top trim AWD versions of the Kia EV6 and Ioniq 5, both of which offer similar performance and range to the Y, you'll still find a $15,000 price gap after the Federal Tax Credit (which the Model Y isn't eligible for). If he was buying today, he'd probably save $10k and get a LR Model 3. If he was to spend $65k minimum on a crossover, he'd go down the ICE route and just get a Porsche Macan instead (an EV version of which is on the way though).

That said, Gjeebs is a big fan of his Model Y. It's simple to live with, and improves with OTA updates. The resale values of the Model Y, and Teslas in general, are great too. Other positives include the Supercharger Network and numerous service centers. One negative is the suspension. It's is a bit too firm, with the ride not quite as good as rivals. 

Gjeebs concluded that the Model Y is a great car, but not quite worth $65,000. If he was buying a new EV today he would get a Model 3 instead.

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