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Maserati is getting into the EV game and placed its EV lineup under the name ‘Folgore’.  Maserati will start with an electric GranTurismo and just this week unveiled an electric version of the Levante, dubbed the Grecale. Maserati plans to offer its EVs starting this year and convert to electric-only sales by 2030. My favorite part? The electric GranTurismo will come with over 1,200 horsepower. Remember when 414 horsepower was a lot?  

The Narrowest Vehicle in the World

iEV Motors has introduced a fully electric vehicle that can split itself down the middle to let passengers in and expand to fit a second passenger or increase cargo space. The iEV Z is only 30 inches wide and has a range of 62 miles with a max speed of 28 mph. The plus version, iEV Z+, has a range of 99 miles and a max speed of 50 mph. It’s also not going to break the wallet at a starting price of around $6,460.51. I think this would be a great first car for my son.

We bet fans of this website will also appreciate the tiny EV's name, though there's no affiliation with InsideEVs (IEV).

Kia Concept EV9

Let’s Talk Gas

Gas seems to be a recent topic of discussion and not for good reason, as the average gallon in the US is now over $4.00. According to the Zero Emissions Transportation Association (ZETA), electric cars are now three to five times cheaper to drive in the US. In states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia – some EVs are 5-6 times cheaper to drive. Dear Kia, please release the EV9 so I can replace my wife’s 4Runner and reduce our family’s dependency on gas.  


Gujarat is a state in India, located on the western coast and home to 60.4 million people. Gujarat also is home to the first Indian port city in Lotha that potentially dates back some 4,500 years. Now, Gujarat is attracting the attention of EV manufacturers. Suzuki plans to invest $1.3 billion in its Indian factory to produce batteries and electric vehicles.

Production in Gujarat is set to begin in 2025. Triton Electric Vehicle company decided to set up its first manufacturing facility in Gujarat as well. The 3 million square foot facility will be built on about 600 acres of land. Triton recently released details on its model H, which has eight seats and a range of 700 miles.  

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