Maserati will offer the new GranTurismo, expected to debut in the next few months, in gasoline, hybrid and pure-electric forms and our spies say they just spotted the latter for the very first time. They know it is the GranTurismo EV because it is missing exhausts and the visible gas cap and the wheels also appear to have a different, more aerodynamic design than what was observed on previous prototypes.

The smaller vents on the front bumper may also be fake in this prototype, although we doubt that’s the case since those could provide cooling for the brakes and are not necessarily linked to the functioning of an internal combustion engine. This area of the front bumper does appear to be different on this EV prototype compared to ICE prototypes.

And even though this prototype doesn’t seem to have it, we say it would not be a stretch for the final production version of the GranTurismo E to have a fully closed-off grille.

We so far don’t know any specs for any of the three different powertrains, although we could speculate that a turbocharged V6 similar to the one in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio will power the ICE variant, an electrified four-cylinder the hybrid, but we have no clues about the electric powertrain.

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It has been rumored that the EV would be the most powerful of the three, motivated by a tri-motor setup, one driving the front axle and one for each rear wheel, making torque vectoring possible. It has also been said that the electric GranTurismo would be 50 percent more powerful than the outgoing V8 model, which means it could be nudging 700 horsepower.

However, since it is one of three versions available, there is a chance it may not be the best of the bunch, especially if its range doesn’t do its GT name justice.

Maserati is also expected to unveil the drop-top GranCabrio version before 2022 concludes, and it will probably be available with all three powertrains including electric. It will become one of the very few convertible EVs in production.

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