Ford Pro today introduced an entire line of electric vehicle charging equipment, aimed to create a smooth transition for commercial customers that begin to electrify their fleets. The company will be offering six new home and depot charging stations in an effort to remove a major pain point for those considering the transition to an electric fleet.

By providing a one-stop shop for fleet operations, Ford is telling its customers that they will be there for them at every step of the process. Deciding what charging equipment to buy, and who to hire to install it is a big decision for fleet managers. Customers now have the option of having a trusted partner in Ford provide and install the necessary equipment.

Ford Pro charging station

The news on Ford Pro Charging hardware comes just as the first copies of the 2022 Ford E-Transit are being shipped to dealers and the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is scheduled to start arriving this spring.

In all, Ford Pro will be offering six charging solutions. The equipment ranges from a 48-amp (11.5 kW) level 2 Ford Pro Charging Station that will serve home and depot charging needs, to the 180 kW Ford Pro Commercial DC Fast Charge Dispenser. 

Once the charging equipment systems are up and running, Ford Pro will continue to support its commercial customers with Ford Pro E-Telematic and Ford Pro Charging software solutions which enable fleet managers to better track their fleets. Ford Pro E-Telematic and Ford Pro Charging software solutions include software for smart charging, pre-conditioning, remote monitoring, reimbursement management for home charging, and reporting to help save on energy costs, maximize vehicle efficiency and uptime.

Ford Pro's six charging station options and one DC charging cabinet:

Ford Pro charging

Ford has taken charging equipment seriously right from the start. The Mustang Mach-E comes standard with an excellent 32-amp dual-voltage level 1 / level 2 portable charger. Most Mach-E owners will find they don't need to purchase additional charging equipment because the suppled EVSE is really all they need. 

But for those that want faster charging, Ford offers the Ford Connected Charge Station, a 48-amp (11.5 kW) unit that will deliver the full charging power that the Mustang Mach-E can accept. 

Ford Pro charging options

When the F-150 Lightning launches this spring, that vehicle will also come standard with the Ford Mobile Charger, and customers who order the extended range battery pack option, will also get the Ford Charge Station Pro, and 80-amp (19.2 kW) bi-directional charging station free with the vehicle. 

  • Ford Pro is launching an all-new suite of commercial chargers as the next addition in the comprehensive, end-to-end commercial charging solutions portfolio all under its one-stop shop of commercial vehicles, software, services, and financing.
  • Six new scalable Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC fast chargers ranging from 11.5- kilowatts to 180 kilowatts for home and depot join an end-to-end portfolio equipped with easy connectivity to smart charging software to help ensure fleet readiness and optimize energy costs
  • Ford Pro removes complexity by offering customers financing on project infrastructure, charging hardware, and more through Ford Pro FinSimple; it all begins with a consultative approach alongside customers to help plan, design, install, operate and maintain charge systems for a complete turnkey solution

Today's announcement doesn't come as a big surprise to those paying attention to Ford's electrification program. The automaker seems to understand how important it is to simplify the charging process for its customers, taking a page out of Tesla's playbook. 

It starts with sitting down with our customers to learn their business and how they plan to use their electric vehicles, said Muffi Ghadiali, Ford Pro Charging general manager. Regardless of the size of their business or the industry they are in, we’ll help them plan their charging infrastructure – whether it’s installing home chargers for employees or developing a large-scale depot system – to make the transition to electric seamless.

Tesla always understood that they needed to make charging as simple as possible, or customers wouldn't buy the vehicles. They succeeded - more so than any other EV manufacturer to date, so perhaps Ford is trying to somewhat follow Tesla's footsteps.  

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