We've been reporting about a newly refreshed Tesla Model S that's been revealed via spy shots. However, we weren't 100 percent sure when deliveries would begin, though rumors suggested immediately. We also weren't positive if the refresh was going to apply to Plaid models initially, or just the standard Model S.

Essentially, the refresh isn't really a refresh. While that's typically the case if you ask Tesla or Elon Musk, since they insist they never refresh their vehicles, this really is a small update, though notable for several reasons.

The most obvious changes include new matrix headlights and updated taillights. Keep in mind, the Model S just recently saw a much more substantial refresh when the Plaid was added to the lineup. At the time, Tesla also refreshed the Model X, but it's been facing delays. The automaker also refreshed the Model 3 to follow suit with the Model Y, which just came to market in 2020 and has already seen some notable updates.

Tesla obviously refreshes its vehicles, though perhaps it has a different name for it. The point here is Tesla is constantly working to update and improve all of its vehicles, rather than relying on traditional, model-year-based refreshes and redesigns.

At any rate, several owners have taken to social media to post images and videos of their refreshed Model S. Various photos show people taking delivery of the car at the Fremont factory, and some show off the new features up close.


"Jacob" (@JacobIsAMac) on Twitter first shared the image above, as well as a video on TikTok. Of course, The Kilowatts just happened upon the posts and made them go viral.


Jacob also posted the video at the top of the page on his YouTube channel, and he added another Twitter video as well, which we've embedded below:


In addition to the matrix headlights and redesigned taillights, you can see that the Model S has a new charge port. It's bigger, and there's no more LED lighted ring. According to Teslarati, the port seems to have enough space for a CCD adapter.

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