Volvo Cars plans to introduce five all-new and redesigned electric vehicles and two plug-in hybrids over the next few years on its way to becoming a pure electric brand by 2030.

The company last week revealed the EV product roadmap to US dealers at an event in Miami attended by 800 retailers from across North and South America. Volvo also told them how it plans to go all-electric by the end of the decade.

According to unnamed people who attended the event cited by Automotive News, the five upcoming battery-electric vehicles include a large and a small crossover, a sedan, and two sporty wagon-like models. Volvo execs referred to the latter as "activity vehicles," the same sources said.

The first of these next-generation EVs is a full-size crossover with three rows of seats and styling cues from Volvo's Concept Recharge. Volvo expects to sell about 20,000 units of this crossover when it launches next year.

The other crossover, codenamed V546, will slot between the midsize XC60 and large XC90 in size when it debuts sometime in 2025. Some 100,000 units of this model will be made in the US and China each year.

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The other EVs are said to include an all-electric XC60 and a new EV positioned below the small XC40, according to AutoForecast Solutions. There's no info on the electric sedan just yet.

When it comes to design, all these future EVs reportedly sport a modern interpretation of the brand's signature Thor's Hammer lighting design. Their battery packs are located under the flat floor, allowing designers to extend the wheelbase and create more interior space. The crossovers in particular have lowered hood and roofline for enhanced aerodynamics without compromising visibility.

In addition to the all-electric models, Volvo showed dealers redesigned versions of its S90 and XC90 plug-in hybrids.

To achieve this ambitious product launch plan, Volvo will build more models at its factory in Ridgeville, South Carolina. The site will be the first to build Volvo's new BEVs and will eventually build only pure electric models, including Polestar's Porsche Cayenne-sized Polestar 3.

The automaker also said it has an "ambitious hiring plan" for the factory, which currently builds the S60 sedan at a fraction of the facility's 150,000-vehicle annual capacity.

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