We've seen many videos of the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition so far, but not that many from actual owners of the electric luxury sedan.

Well, this particular reviewer has quite a lot to share since he has been running his 1,111-horsepower Dream Edition Performance model as a daily driver for the past two months, covering several thousand miles in it. He also has been driving EVs for eight years, having owned a Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 before the Lucid Air.

We're talking about Jon Rettinger, TechnoBuffalo founder and popular YouTube influencer, who decided to buy a Lucid Air in December last year after a Mercedes-Benz dealer applied a $50,000 markup to the EQS he originally wanted.

Is he happy with the choice he made? Absolutely. In the 37-minute in-depth video, Jon says the Lucid Air is the best driver's car he's ever driven.

He says the Air drives like a car from a manufacturer that has been around for many years, even though it's actually Lucid Group's first production model. Jon also notes that the electric sedan feels like a car designed by people who like to drive, and that's obvious in metrics like the insane acceleration performance—zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds—pedal experience, steering wheel feel, handling, visibility, and suspension.

Speaking of the suspension, the Lucid Air owner likes the significant differences between the drive modes, despite the car having a traditional setup with semi-active dampers instead of an automatic air suspension. The car can be very comfortable when the driver is cruising down the highway and sharp when driving fast on a twisty canyon road.

Then again, people expect that from a $169,000 car, don't they? 

They also expect stuff like over-the-air updates, and Jon says he's had seven OTA updates in approximately two months of ownership. For example, when he bought the car, no DreamDrive ADAS features were active. About two and a half weeks later, the system started to work, bringing features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Recognition, and more.

However, Lucid Group hasn't pushed the DreamDrive Pro semi-autonomous driving features to this particular car yet, although they should arrive in the near future.

There's a lot more to this video, including the charging experience, range (some 450 miles), practicality, software, luxury (a decisive factor for him), service and more. 

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