MG will add a new all-electric model called the MG 4 to its European lineup, a tall hatchback with aggressive design, crossover styling cues design to make it stand out from the brand’s other two EVs, the MG5 EV Long Range and the new MG ZS EV. Teaser shots of the upcoming model only show parts of its design, but we found what appear to be patent drawings showing the complete vehicle.

The front of the vehicle has hints of Cupra about it, especially the headlights that look similar in shape to those of the Born; it also seems to have a similarly pointy nose. From the side, it looks like a typical hatchback, although it does look like its suspension is a bit taller, as is its window line.

Gallery: MG 4 Teaser screenshots

Probably the most striking part of the design is the rear light light cluster, which looks like it’s one piece, although we can see in the teaser that the light bar actually stops in the middle where the MG logo is. It also has what looks like quite an interesting roof spoiler in the rear, similar to the one on the Kia EV6, which just like in the case of this MG, works in conjunction with the light bar that also has an aero role.

The only other thing we know about this vehicle is its length, which is 4.3 meters or 169 inches. That puts it in the same size category as a Volkswagen ID.3 or the recently refreshed Nissan Leaf. MG is reportedly aiming to launch this vehicle in Europe in the latter part of 2022, although the manufacturer will probably show the model in full by then and also reveal its all important battery specs, range and price.

Gallery: MG4 Patent 3D Model Photos

MG says this vehicle was designed with European car buyers in mind, which is the company’s way of saying it’s not another rebadged and slightly reengineered SAIC model. And between the patent photos and the teaser video, we can certainly say it really will become the most European-looking vehicle in its range.

The manufacturer reported 2021 was a very good year with triple the sales they had in 2020, or 52,546 vehicles. It currently has 400 MG brand stores across mainland Europe and the UK, the latter also being its biggest market accounting for 30,600 out of the total yearly sales number.

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