Mazda has revealed new details and an interior teaser image of its first-ever plug-in hybrid, the all-new CX-60 PHEV that will be unveiled on March 8.

A distinct model to North America's CX-50, the CX-60 plug-in hybrid crossover is the first of two new models from Mazda's Large Product Group that will be introduced throughout Europe during the next two years, with the second being the three-row CX-80.

The Large Product Group will include the CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90, but only the CX-60 and CX-80 will be sold in Europe. Their equivalents in North America will be the CX-70 and CX-90, respectively; these models will use the same platform offering PHEV variants but will be wider.

Mazda CX-60 PHEV exterior teaser

Two key things to know about the CX-60 are that it's built on a new rear-wheel-drive platform and features Mazda's first plug-in hybrid powertrain. It consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine assisted by a "performance-enhancing electric motor" for a power output in excess of 300 horsepower.

Mazda says the electrified powertrain will offer "smooth, efficient and powerful acceleration giving the driver greater confidence and driving enjoyment in the widest possible range of driving scenarios."

The automaker also says the CX-60 PHEV demonstrates its commitment to a multi-solution approach to sustainable mobility and offering "the right solution at the right time."

About that, we should note that all of the Large Product Group models will feature electrification to some extent, as mild hybrid assistance will be standard on all four- and six-cylinder engines. Select markets will get inline-six cylinder engines, including a diesel.

Mazda CX-60 PHEV interior teaser

Back to the CX-60, it embodies the latest development of Kodo, the Mazda design philosophy, now combined with the Japanese concept of Ma, which is "the calm and dignified beauty of empty space."

The teaser images released so far reveal a portion of the front end focusing on the compact headlight that communicates with the grille via an LED DRL strip. The grille appears to be massive and the bumper looks sporty.

As for the interior, Mazda says it's elegant and high quality, combining both traditional methods and new technologies. Much like the MX-30, the cabin mixes different materials and textures, including maple wood, nappa leather, Japanese textiles and chrome details, and Musubu, the Japanese way of binding textiles which served as inspiration for the instrument panel stitching.

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