For those who aren't familiar with Aptera Motors, the company is producing a three-wheel solar-powered EV that's notably quick. In the video above, you'll see Aptera's beta model, as well as its alpha version, drag racing a Tesla Model 3 and an Audi R8 over the quarter-mile.

Aptera is currently operating out of San Diego, though it has plans to relocate to an 80,000 square-foot factory near Carlsbad, California. Reservations for the solar electric vehicle (sEV) are open, and $100 will hold your spot in line. The company shared on its YouTube channel:

"Don’t blink — We’re amplifying acceleration through the power of the sun. 0-60 mph in our All-Wheel-Drive version clocks in as fast as 3.5 seconds and Front-Wheel Drive as fast as 5.5 seconds."

Aptera says its sEV has a range of up to 1,000 miles per charge, and it won't require any charging for most daily driving. It's able to achieve such feats thanks to its super-lightweight design and exceptional aerodynamics and cooling. The company also notes that owners should be able to travel over 11,000 miles per year in the sEV using the sun's power alone, though it says this estimate applies to "most regions."

As you check out the short drag race video above, it's important to note, Aptera doesn't provide any details about the Model 3 or the Audi R8. Depending on the specific model year and trim of these rivals, performance specs vary. The Model 3 isn't the latest version, so it could easily be an older Standard Range, though it could also be a dual-motor version. Electrek says it believes the R8 is a GT Spyder.

The fact of the matter here is, regardless of the rivals, the Aptera sEV proves that it's plenty quick. Check out the video to see it for yourself. Let us know not only what you think of the Aptera sEV, but also your take on the specifics of the competing models.

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