Rimac Nevera is a very rare all-electric hypercar from Croatia, which has amazing specs and an equally amazing price tag of about €2 million ($2.3 million).

Unfortunately, a certain number of the Nevera have to be crashed to comply with safety regulations to determine its crash worthiness.

In the video above, we can see carwow's Mat Watson join the Rimac team to put the Nevera through its final crash test, as it gets slammed sideways into a pole.

"These crash tests are required by law before they can be sold in Europe & the US, and Mat's got the honor of hitting the GO button on this final test!"

Interestingly, this particular Nevera already had been crash-tested before - in the frontal impact category. The side pole crash comes on top of that to minimize the costs.

The result of the test is positive and, according to the video, the Rimac Nevera not only passed all the categories but even exceeded the requirements.

Hopefully, there will be no real-world crashes of the Nevera, like in the case of the Rimac Concept One.

Gallery: Rimac Nevera

Rimac Nevera specs:

  • up to 550 km (342 miles) of WLTP range (preliminary)
  • 120 kWh battery; liquid cooled
    800V system voltage (maximum 730 V)
    Lithium Manganese Nickel chemistry
    Cell format: cylindrical 2170
    number of cells: 6,960
  • Acceleration
    0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 1.85 seconds (*high-friction surface, one foot roll-out)
    0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 1.97 seconds (*high-friction surface, one foot roll-out)
    0-300 km/h (186 mph) in 9.3 seconds (high-friction surface, one foot roll-out)
    1/4 mile (402 m) time in 8.6 seconds
    DragTimes' run: 8.582 seconds at 167.51 mph (269.5 km/h)
  • top speed of 412 km/h (258 mph)
  • all-wheel drive
  • system output of 1,408 kW (or 1.4 MW; 1,914 hp) and 2,360 Nm
    four independent surface-mounted, carbon-sleeve, permanent-magnet electric motors
    four independent inverters and gearboxes
    Rimac's intelligent All Wheel Torque Vectoring system (R-AWTV)
    front motors: 250 kW (340 hp) and 280 Nm each, combined with two single speed gearboxes (two independent gearboxes - one at each outer end of the axle)
    rear motors: 450 kW (612 hp) and 900 Nm each, combined with double single speed gearbox (two gearboxes in one housing between the motors) 
  • AC charging (on-board): 22 kW three-phase
  • DC fast charging: up to 500 kW (0-80% SOC in 22 minutes, using ultra-fast charger)
  • length 4750 mm; Width 1986 mm; Height 1208 mm; Wheelbase 2745 mm
  • weight of 2,150 kg
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (Front 275/35 R20; Rear 315/35 R20)
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