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Posted on EVANNEX on February 13, 2022, by Matt Pressman

It's the biggest Sunday of the year for the NFL. Two football teams, the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, are ready to go. Everyone will be watching the ads during the Super Bowl commercial breaks and electric cars will be everywhere this year.

Source: EVANNEX 

According to Roadshow, "Electric vehicles continue to gain market share, so it's no surprise that there's... EVs and the hardware we need to run them."


First up, " Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Zeus, the Greek god of thunder, and Salma Hayek plays his wife, Hera. The pair decide to hang up their hats and retire to Palm Springs, eventually picking up an all-electric BMW iX."

YouTube: BMW USA

GM is touting their EV prowess with none other than Dr. Evil (courtesy of Mike Myers). Andrew Krok writes, "As someone who grew up on the Austin Powers movies, I'll never get bummed out when I see any of its characters return to the big or small screen.

YouTube: General Motors

Hyundai will also be promoting its electric vehicle efforts. "In a spot touting the new Ioniq 5, Hyundai hired Jason Bateman to deliver some quips as he travels through time, taking us from the start of human history to… well, the Hyundai Ioniq 5," reports Roadshow.

YouTube: HyundaiUSA

Kia is also getting in on the action. It's reported, "In Kia's Super Bowl spot, a robotic dog develops quite the crush on an electric Kia EV6, following it around the city until… well, why spoil it when it's embedded directly below for you?"

YouTube: Kia America

Don't forget about electric automaker, Polestar, who "put out a teaser to tell us what the commercial is about... or rather, what it isn't about. If you were hoping for special effects, supermodels, heartstrings or puppies, you're out of luck."

YouTube: Polestar

Also, be sure to check out our friends at Wallbox. Roadshow reports, "It's based on the real-life story of a man struck by lightning, but the commercial takes a right turn and makes the character afraid of all sources of electricity — until he realizes plugging in his car is an ultimately helpful thing to do."

YouTube: Wallbox


The best EV ad ever for the big game? Well, it wasn't an ad, but Tesla got some major play on CNBC a few years ago back in 2020. Bloomberg writer Tom Randall posted the CNBC clip on Twitter and remarked, "Tesla has achieved Super Bowl marketing nirvana: players from both teams [are] talking up their cars with no one getting paid to do it."


And this wasn't the first time CNBC found NFL players that love Tesla. In 2018, Brett Celek, former tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles sat down with Jim Cramer and expressed his affinity for Tesla too saying, "I love it, I love Elon... I like the Model 3 they came out with [but] personally I want to get their pickup truck... they're a great company." 


Source: Roadshow

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