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The Army’s Getting Greener 

The Army is getting greener, and we're not talking about camouflage. The U.S. Army revealed its first climate strategy that focuses on protecting and training soldiers against climate disasters and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The branch plans to reach zero emissions by 2050 by installing microgrids on all installations and having a fully electric non-tactical fleet by 2035. On the tactical side, Oshkosh Defense recently unveiled its hybrid Joint Light Tactical Vehicle which has a 30 kWh battery that charges in about 10 minutes. Stealthy.

Will Lucid Get Revenge

One of the greatest vehicle advancements is an over-the-air software update capability. Who really wants to take their vehicle to the dealership to get a software update? Not me. I just want to wake up with the latest and greatest.  

Lucid Motors released its OTA Software Version 1.1.4 to update improvements to the Air’s navigation system and Access & Profiles menu. Lucid is also releasing updates to DreamDrive in two parts, with improvements to traffic sign recognition, lane departure protection, automatic emergency braking, and more.  

In other Lucid news, the brand attempted to redeem itself against Porsche (if you remember, Lucid recently lost to Tesla in similar races). Was it successful? Check out the video to find out.  

They’re Robes, Not Wings

My wife, son and I sometimes go over to the McLaren dealership on Sundays. It’s great for a number of reasons. They are closed, so we don’t have to engage with any salespeople, we get to see what they have on the lot, and it gets a lot of energy out of my son (he is three). 

We recently got to show my son a Rolls Royce and the Spirit of Ecstasy. It was received with a blank stare. That happens frequently, but anyways, Rolls Royce is updating its Spirit of Ecstasy for its Spectre EV.

Rolls Royce's Spectre EV will feature a revised, more aerodynamic version of the Spirit of Ecstacy with a shorter stance and altered flowing robes. The silver lady’s knees are also now slightly bent. Anything to help with aerodynamics, right? The model is expected to make its debut in 2024.

Apple Confirms It's Working On Autonomous Car Tech

Project Titan

Imagine a vehicle where you can connect your AirPods, iPhone, MacBook, and more. Well, don’t get too excited, but Apple has been officially granted a patent for Project Titan, a project focused on the creation of an autonomous electric vehicle.

With the patent, Apple has received permission to conduct research with Machine Learning systems and algorithms connected to reasoning, decision making, and motion planning to advance technology and safety for future AVs. Apple has many patents, though many never make it to market, so it’s yet to be seen if an Apple vehicle is in our future. Full transparency, I don’t own any Apple products, but my wife does.  

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