Wuhan-based Chinese automaker Dongfeng reverse-engineered the original AM General Humvee and created both military and civilian versions that still bear a striking resemblance to the original. Called the Dongfeng Warrior M50, its power comes from a 4-liter Cummins diesel that makes 200 horsepower, but now the state-run company is reportedly looking to turn it into an EV.

According to CarNewsChina, Dongfeng will equip the body-on-frame off-roader with electric motors with 800 kW (1,070 horsepower) and a 140 kWh battery pack that should grant the vehicle a maximum range of 500 km (most likely calculated on the optimistic NEDC test cycle). The source says the manufacturer is targeting an electricity consumption figure of 26 kWh/100 km (2.39 miles/kWh).

Apparently, the vehicle will be able to accelerate to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than 5 seconds and also weigh less than the diesel-burning version. This is a bit hard to believe, but the source claims the EV will weigh around 3.1 tons, while the diesel weighs 3,480 kg - we’ll have to wait and see if this is confirmed when the vehicle is officially shown, and if it’s so, it would be a first (an EV lighter than an ICE version of the same vehicle).

Gallery: Dongfeng Warrior M50

It will be assembled in a new factory that’s currently under construction, specifically designed to build more rugged vehicles, and it will even include its own off-road test track and proving grounds. In terms of price, the electric Warrior should be quite a bit cheaper than comparable electric trucks sold in the United States.

It is also very unlikely that this vehicle will be sold anywhere outside China, especially since the local market has shown a lot of interest in buying the diesel version, so the EV should prove quite popular. Maybe we could see one come to the US as a grey market import - it might be surprisingly good, given the fact that the vehicle retains the original Hummer's off-road credentials, especially its amazing approach and departure angles.

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