We first heard of Fresco, a Norwegian EV startup named after the futurist and social engineer Jacque Fresco, back in 2019 when it showed off the design for a new electric sedan called the Fresco Reverie. And that was also the last time we heard of Fresco until today when the company teased a new design for a different EV with a claimed projected range of 1,000 km or about 620 miles on one charge.

Called the Fresco XL, it is a people carrier/crossover type vehicle that can carry 8 people and whose battery pack is a structural component. And even though it was just shown in one video that shows a 3D model, not an actual vehicle, Fresco is already taking orders for the XL - each pre-order requires a €1,000 deposit and the vehicle’s estimated final cost will be €100,000 (equivalent to roughly $112,860).

We are not told how big the battery that will provide the 1,000 km range is, but the company does say the vehicle will have vehicle to load (V2L) capability and that the cells in the pack will be double-stacked for maximum storage capability. The vehicle will have two motors, one for each axle, and it will be designed with use in harsher climates (such as Norway’s) in mind.

Gallery: Fresco XL EV Pod

Apparently, you will also be able to fold down all the seats and use the vehicle’s cavernous interior as a camper.

As for the design, the best way to describe it is as an Apple Magic Mouse with lights; we are not shown what the inside looks like, because it most likely has not been designed yet. And this is the theme with this vehicle - it all looks pretty nice and the figures provided are certainly interesting, but this company has a very long road ahead if it wants to market this vehicle.

Granted, this second effort looks more believable and unique than the Tesla Model S rival the company initially wanted to make, but until they announce when, where and how they will produce the vehicle, as well as some credible partners to help them achieve it all, we’re taking this project with a grain of salt - they only have six people employed right now, according to their LinkedIn page.

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