The Volkswagen ID Buzz promises to be the roomiest and most practical vehicle built on the MEB platform, but it seems to be missing a frunk. The reason? Well because of its design and packaging, there just isn’t any space up front and engineers decided against it. Besides, no vehicle built on MEB actually has one, so we weren’t expecting the Buzz to have one either.

Clint Simone from Motor1 had the chance to walk around and experience a lightly camouflaged ID Buzz and was able to see some details that were previously unknown, like the inexistent frunk. As you can see in this video published on the Motor1 YouTube channel, you can open up the front compartment remotely, but once it opens up, you are greeted by visible hoses, cables and other mechanical bits, as well as the windscreen washer fluid filler cap.

Clint also shows off the charging port location, which is behind the rear wheel and below the corner of the tail light. The charge port door looks oversized for the connector it’s protecting, but for a commercial-type vehicle, this is actually a fitting look, even if it doesn’t serve a functional purpose.

The ID Buzz shown in the video is a pre-production prototype, but hardly anything will change in the finished production model. The prototype’s body appears to be complete, with no placeholder parts, and were it not for the camouflage, we would be able to see what the finished van is going to look like.

A few months ago I created a rendering that fairly accurately depicts the look of the ID Buzz cargo variant. You can also check out the plethora of spy photos that we’ve amassed on the site, showing the Buzz undergoing testing in various situations, even as an autonomous vehicle with all kind of sensors all around.

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