Rich Rebuilds doesn’t usually check out other people's projects, EV conversions or otherwise, but occasionally he will come across a vehicle that deserves attention. I mean just look at this awesome 1970s Plymouth Satellite (the two-door version of the third-gen car) that instead of a Hemi now runs a Tesla Model S motor.

The owner explains he went ahead and ripped out the V8 because he had modified ICE vehicles in the past and he wanted to be challenged, to learn something new. Now given the fact that the Satellite two-door is an appreciating classic, he says many people did not approve of the conversion and he was told that he removed the car’s soul along with its engine and that he ruined it in the process.

But is that really so? Well, original it may not be any more, but it is ridiculously quick, interesting and unique, especially for us EV aficionados. The conversion seems very well done - the vehicle even has custom pushrod suspension.

It has the entire Model S rear subframe and motor assembly, as well as its brakes, but the front brakes are upgraded for improved stopping power. The owner also mentions that by putting batteries in the trunk, he changed the Satellite’s weight distribution and it actually improved the handling.

It also weighs less than the donor Model S, so it’s also quicker, being able to do consistent mid-12-second quarter-mile runs. All the mods also make it quite civilized for road use and with amenities like electric windows and heated seats, it makes for a good daily too, although it does lack traction control and antilock brakes, so it may struggle for grip and traction in colder conditions.

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