You wouldn’t expect a fledgling Turkish automaker to be at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year, but TOGG isn’t your ordinary startup. It has already unveiled its first production vehicle, the C-SUV that will go into production in 2023, and at CES it showed a Pininfarina-designed fastback concept that looks like it previews a series model.

TOGG has confirmed it, but looking at the vehicle, it looks pretty much production ready. What will probably change for production are the side mirrors and the addition of a B-pillar, which is missing in the study.

The vehicle, rather uninspiringly called Transition Concept Smart Device, is actually great to look at from all angles. It still has a faux grille up front, but it looks like it’s completely closed - TOGG is going for a more traditional look, even though it wants to make electric vehicles.

Gallery: TOGG Transition Concept Smart Device

TOGG plans to begin production of its first vehicle, the aforementioned C-SUV, sometime this year, followed by a sedan in 2024, then it plans to add a hatchback (possibly inspired by the study revealed at CES), a city crossover and a dedicated people carrier; the last three are said to arrive by 2030.

All will be built at a brand new facility located in Gemlik, in Bursa province, to the south of Istanbul, the country's largest city. TOGG began building the factory last year and when completed, it has a projected annual output of 175,000 vehicles.

The company also wants to become a provider of battery packs for both its own, as well as other companies’ needs. And they want to control the entire process, even down to mining the Lithium.

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