Here is quite a spectacular video with the Rivian R1T all-electric pickup driving a beautiful snowy mountain road in Colorado, en route to a ski spot.

We did not have too many reports about the R1T driving experience in the snow, maybe besides some donuts here and there, so it's interesting how the first electric pickup copes with the task at about 10,000 feet (3,048 m) and nine inches (23 cm) of fresh snow on the ground.

According to Chad Hamre, who shared the video, the R1T drive "could not be more effortless as it floats up this beautiful mountain road." The quad-motor, all-wheel-drive is ready for the job.

Compared to the Toyota Tacoma, previously used on the very same road, it's much better to go electric.

Chad Hamre notes: "the Tacoma would have been redlining to push through the snow." "and suck up the little amount of oxygen there is in the air at this elevation."

It sounds like a great recommendation to switch to an electric pickup and enjoy a far more pleasant driving experience. Especially if there are destination charging points at the site.

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Rivian R1T specs:

  • Range:
    314 miles (505 km)
    400+ miles (644+ km) version (2023)
    250+ mile (402+ km) affordable version to follow
  • battery capacity of about 135 kWh
    9 modules, 2170-type cylindrical cells (7,776), supplied by Samsung SDI
    voltage: 216-459 V; capacity: 360 Ah
  • 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 3.0 seconds
  • quad motor, all-wheel drive
  • on-board charger: 11.5 kW (AC Level 2); up to 25 miles of range per hour of charge
  • DC fast charging: up to 140 miles of range in 20 minutes (up to 210 kW)
  • wading depth: 3+ ft (more than 0.91 m)
  • curb weight: 6,949 lbs (3,152 kg)
  • towing capacity: up to 11,000 lbs (4,990 kg)
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