Rolls-Royce is entering the electric car world with a huge coupe it calls the Spectre. It will be built on the manufacturer’s own platform called Architecture of Luxury, which is supposed to be bespoke, but we still suspect it’s related to what BMW (Rolls’ parent company) will use in its upcoming i7 electric sedan given that the Bavarians have a lot more EV experience.

The Spectre was recently spotted under camouflage and even though it may look like the Wraith launched way back in 2013, it is actually a completely different vehicle. Being underpinned by the bespoke Rolls platform, the Spectre is related to all of the manufacturer’s current models.

In terms of its looks, the new BEV coupe doesn’t appear to stray too much from the current Rolls-Royce family look. From the side, it is quite similar to the aforementioned Wraith, although the rear end looks sleeker and more tapered and there also appears to be more curve to the hood - it dips towards the front of the vehicle, most likely to allow the car to cut through the air with less resistance.

Gallery: 2023 Rolls-Royce Spectre spyshots

The front fascia appears lower than on other Rolls models, again to improve aero, and it looks like the manufacturer will give the Spectre a bold two-tier headlight cluster design, with separate daytime running lights. The grille is the typical Art Deco-inspired one that’s always been the brand’s signature, but it doesn’t seem to be as tall as on other models, and it too is more rounded and tapered.

We’re pretty sure it will be closed most of the time, if the vertical slats are of the active variety and they probably are. If the slats themselves don’t move to completely close off the grille, there are surely shutters behind - no current EV needs this much air and the Spectre doesn’t either. Our spies provided several closeup shots of the grille, but we’re not sure which solution will be chosen.

Expect to see the Rolls-Royce Spectre debut sometime later in 2023.

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