Tesla shared, through its Chinese Weibo channel (here and here), new videos of production processes at the  Giga Shanghai plant.

The first one starts with batteries. We can see the 2170-type cylindrical cells (supplied by LG Chem's LG Energy Solution), cooling snakes and modules. Tesla uses also prismatic LFP cells, supplied by CATL, but those were not shown this time.

The next part is about in-house produced electric motors. Over the years, Tesla was using various types, starting with induction ones, but now it appears to stick with Permanent Magnet - Synchronous Reluctance Motor - PMSRM.

Then we can see stamping and general assembly of the cars, but more on that can be seen in the second video:

Tesla Giga Shanghai is currently Tesla's largest EV factory, which already produces more electric cars (Model 3 and Model Y) than the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California.

Considering the output in the recent three months (above 50,000 per month), Tesla Giga Shanghai is above 650,000 units per year right now (just a brief estimate). It's quite amazing, considering that the production started in late 2019 - barely two years ago, while three years ago there was nothing there.

It is expected to go up to a million units annually, according to recent news, as the company continues investment in further expansion of the site.

The new flyover videos from early December, reveals that a new part of the plot is undergoing preparation for the "Phase 3" construction.

The new area appears to be large enough to add a third assembly plant - maybe for an all-new electric car model?

Tesla also adds more buildings at the last remaining space in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 areas:

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