As announced on October 8 at its annual meeting of stockholders, Tesla has officially moved its headquarters from Palo Alto, California, to Austin, Texas.

The move went into effect December 1, according to an SEC filing that also revealed the company’s new corporate address. The document was posted on Twitter by Sawyer Merritt. 

“On December 1, 2021, Tesla, Inc. relocated its corporate headquarters to Gigafactory Texas at 13101 Harold Green Road, Austin, Texas 78725.”


Searching for the location on Google Maps reveals that it’s right next to Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas facility. Tesla owns 2,000 acres (809 hectares) of land at the site, so there’s plenty of space to erect an office building. For now, the location only has some temporary trailers and construction offices, according to a recent drone flyover video of the Gigafactory Texas site you can watch below.

When Elon Musk announced Tesla would move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, many expected the offices to be in the main building where the plant is also located. However, one should not read too much into the new address as new developments typically feature confusing addresses that get changed over time.


Elon Musk’s decision to move Tesla’s headquarters to Texas has a lot to do with California’s restrictions during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. The CEO first announced the move in May 2020 in response to Alameda County’s restrictions that made it hard for Tesla to restart production at the Fremont plant.

Not long after that, Musk announced plans to build a large factory and complex in Austin, Texas. Throughout this time, Tesla’s headquarters remained in Palo Alto, California, even after Musk himself officially relocated to Texas.

Now, Tesla is officially headquartered in Austin, Texas, although the CEO is adamant that the company will continue to grow in California. For example, the company recently leased 325,000 square feet of office space from HP in Palo Alto.


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