Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk may have purchased a massive plot of land near Tesla's Austin Gigafactory. According to local property records, the land could be up to 620 acres, and it's located across the Colorado River from Tesla's new car factory that's expected to open soon.

It's important to note that since documents link Musk to the land, but not necessarily Tesla, there's no way to know for sure if the land is related to Tesla. However, the fact that it's near Giga Austin is certainly interesting.

According to the Austin Business Journal, some 300 to 620 acres of land in the area is now owned by Horse Ranch LLC. Interestingly, Musk's family office manager Jared Birchall is also the manager of the listed LLC. Birchall is also the CEO of Neuralink. The journal shared per Electrek:

“Property records filed with the Travis County Clerk’s office indicate that a group called Horse Ranch LLC purchased up to 620 acres earlier this year from William McMorris Jr. and his wife, Susan, and Barbara Gill, on behalf of the estate of Robert Gill Jr. However, it wasn’t immediately clear exactly how many acres were transferred. Records filed with Travis Central Appraisal District corroborate some of the land purchases, though it only shows nearly 300 acres tied to Horse Ranch LLC.”

Tesla already owns a wealth of land in Texas, and, according to Electrek, it owns more land in Austin than in any other location. The company paid about $100 million for 2,000 acres outside of Austin when it first started planning its Texas Gigafactory. Tesla also added hundreds of additional acres as the construction process moved forward.

The Giga Austin site will begin soon with Model Y production, though it will eventually produce the Cybertruck, Semi, Model 3, batteries, and other future products. In fact, Tesla will have a battery cell factory on the property, and there's been speculation that the company's new headquarters could be located there as well.

If the land isn't for Tesla, which would come as a bit of a surprise, perhaps it's for SpaceX or another Musk company? He's living in a tiny house in Texas on SpaceX property as far as we understand. Could Musk be planning to build a Texas home? He certainly wouldn't need that much property for a home, but who knows what the outspoken CEO may have planned?

The land acquired is also near the area that Giga Texas is supposed to be planning for an upcoming “ecological paradise." When Tesla first acquired the original land for Giga Austin, Musk talked about the "paradise" with references to a public boardwalk, hiking and biking trails, birds, butterflies, fish, and more. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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