The Tesla Cybertruck story is really outright crazy if you think about it. The truck arrived on stage at its reveal and many people thought it was an Elon Musk joke, which would come as no surprise.

They were honestly waiting for the "actual" electric pickup truck to appear on stage, but the crazy metal wedge was the real deal. Clearly, the wild, stainless steel behemoth has grown on many people, to the tune of over a million.

Tesla recently made it clear that it won't begin producing the Cybertruck for about another year. People have already been waiting two years, and it may be years before all 1.3 million reservations are filled. Meanwhile, people are still adding to the reservation list.

Sure, not all these folks will follow through, but even if only half of them move forward, it's triple the number of Ford F-150 Lightning reservations, which are incredible as well. The fact that nearly 200,000 people have reserved an electric pickup truck from Ford is something many people would have never believed in the recent past. However, to put it into perspective, 250,000 people reserved a Cybertruck during the first week after it was revealed.

According to a recent report on Electrek, Tesla's ~1,270,000 Cybertruck reservations add up to some $80 billion in future value.

It's important to note that there's no way to know for sure how many Cybertruck reservations exist, though a crowdsourced system is working to keep track. An analyst's report from six months ago put Cybertruck reservations at 650,000, but orders continue to come in at a ridiculous pace.

Reserving a Tesla Cybertruck only costs $100, so many people may just do it and see what happens in a few years. Still, between the Cybertruck and Lightning, it's proof people are interested in electric pickup trucks, which couldn't really be said just a few years ago.

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