We’ve watched hundreds upon hundreds of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta videos here and we also experienced the system first-hand and put it to the test on a number of occasions. And while the quality of the driving seems to vary from video to video, it’s really not as bad as they showed in the recent CNN FSD drive video shot in New York.

This is confirmed by the owner of the Tesla Model 3 that was used for the shoot that day, because he rode in the back of the vehicle and recorded what happened on his phone. What he shows is a drive that is similar to others that we’ve seen - the car saws at the wheel a bit too aggressively sometimes, making the ride not the smoothest, but it very rarely finds itself in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing.

And this is how CNN portrayed FSD, as a glitchy, unreliable and scary. The Model 3 owner, Tallman Tech, says he shot his phone video just in case the car was involved in an accident, and even though he doesn’t state it in the video, we say he also shot the footage just in case they put FSD in a bad light, which in his experience of being a Beta tester was unfair.

Tallman goes on to say that he believes this is a great example of how a mainstream media outlet can cherrypick certain segments of footage, edit everything together specifically to fit a predetermined narrative (in this case that FSD is really bad and dangerous) and then present that as reality. If you haven’t seen the original video, check it out (it's in the related articles box below), then watch the video above and then let us know what you make of this, especially if you yourself are an in the FSD Beta program.

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