A new video, recorded by the Tesla Sentry Mode on November 17, 2021 in California, reveals an amazing event at one of the charging points (it appears to be a free Volta charging point).

It starts when a Tesla vehicle was connected to the charging point and another vehicle arrived - it appears to be a Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid.

The car was parked - slightly off the proper position - by a woman, who walked over to Tesla and unplugged it!

The person who shared the video, has wrote: "this is uncivilized and rude."

She put the plug on the ground and went to the car to re-park it in reverse - so she would be able to reach the charging inlet of the Toyota. It was another parking fail, as the car was slightly off its proper position and still too far from the charging point.

She put the plug on the ground again and corrected parking a little bit so the car could be finally connected (barely).

It's not the end of this story. After the moral and parking fails, there was more to come. The woman was waiting around for about three minutes (9:34 to 9:37 on the clock) and then disconnected! We don't know whether her charging session successfully started.

It was a Level 2 AC charging point, which means that even during a successful 3 minute long session, she probably would not get even close to 0.5 kWh! What would be the point of the entire endeavor then?

According to EPA, Toyota RAV4 Prime uses 359 Wh/mile (223 Wh/km) in all-electric mode.

It's unbelievable also because we are talking about a plug-in hybrid, which after running out of all-electric range, can operate in hybrid model - that's the main point of the PHEV. You don't have to recharge because there is a backup, and it would be doubly wrong to disconnect a battery-electric car, which does not have a backup.

To make the event even more bizarre and hilarious, the woman left the charging station with an open charging flap!

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