Reportedly, rumors have been bouncing around about Tesla's potential plans for a second automotive factory in China. This would come as no surprise since the company was able to build and open its first China-based factory quickly, and it's experiencing huge success in the market. Meanwhile, the current US administration isn't acting as though it's very supportive of Tesla as a whole.

Aside from some controversy and media-related issues earlier this year, Tesla has been welcomed in China. Unlike the situation surrounding its factory in Berlin, China helped move Tesla's construction along very quickly, and now, it seems the factory is able to produce many more vehicles per year than originally anticipated.

However, with the growth of the EV segment in China, one factory may not be enough. Rather than branch out to other parts of the world where Tesla might experience issues and delays similar to the situation in Europe, why not just build another factory in China and continue exporting EVs where necessary?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently stated that the automaker hasn't decided on a location for a fourth factory. This cam afters rumors that the factory might find a home in Russia. Now, with these rumors flowing about China, Tesla has issued a statement. While Tesla's US-based arm doesn't typically issue statements, and it has no PR department, its China-based operations have dialed up their communication and cooperation with the press, the government, and individuals.

Electrek reports that Tesla's head of government affairs and public relations Grace Tao has made it clear that the potential for a Tesla factory in Qingdao, China is a rumor. However, she didn't say the prospects of a second factory in China is a rumor. She said she can't talk about the numerous inquiries "one by one." Tao's statement reads as follows:

“Tesla is very honored to contribute to the development of China’s new energy industry, and will continue to firmly increase its investment in China. Recently, I have received many inquiries from the media about the second factory, but I cannot answer them one by one. To everyone, the information on the site of Tesla’s second factory on the Internet is not true. Thanks to all friends who care about and support Tesla’s development.”

Tao could have easily dispelled both rumors in the same statement. She could have said the location is a rumor since Tesla isn't looking for a site for a second factory in China. Moreover, even though she says she can't answer the inquiries one by one, she answers one of the inquires in the statement.

Perhaps people are reading into this too much. What do you think? Is Tesla planning a second factory in China? Leave us a comment.

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