Hyundai’s first purpose-built and designed electric sedan, the Ioniq 6, is expected to look like a more toned down version of the pretty Prophecy concept. We’ve already seen it out testing, but it was mostly covered in camouflage and we still can’t say we know exactly what it’s going to look like - the camouflage changes the body’s shape somewhat, so it’s not clear what the vehicle will be like.

However, we may have caught a glimpse of the Ioniq 6’s headlights in a recent video uploaded by Hyundai Mobis, the parts and service arm of the Korean automaker. The video mostly shows what is very clearly the Sony Vision-S electric concept vehicle, but at the very end we are shown a pair of headlights that clearly do not belong to it.

Possible Ioniq 6 teaser

And after spending a lot of time analyzing and comparing the screen grabs we took from the video to spy photos on our site, we believe the headlights belong to the Ioniq 6, or a still unreleased sedan. It would make sense for Hyundai to offer these headlights in its cutting edge new electric sedan, given the fact that they are quite special and offer unique functions.

The video is about these cutting edge functions that are somewhat similar to Mercedes’ digital light tech. They can project various graphics onto the road, help you stay on the road at night, they highlight turns and can even write messages in front of the vehicle.

Possible Ioniq 6 teaser

They can also project the vehicle’s width right in front so that you know if, for instance, it can fit through a narrow gap. Apparently, the technology also recognizes slippery roads and several types of objects that the vehicle may encounter. Hyundai doesn’t currently offer this on any of its production model, but they could debut on the Ioniq 6.

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