Munro Live's Sandy Munro released a brilliant, two-part presentation about Munro & Associates' engineering philosophies with real world examples and compared it to Elon Musk's 5 step approach at Tesla.

According to Sandy Munro - highly inspired by Dr. Edwards Deming - the starting point is the triangle of value, quality and profit, which should be in the focus throughout design innovations.

One of the most important things to improve virtually all aspects of the product is to reduce the number of parts. The product will be less expensive, quality will increase and additionally, the investments to launch the product and maintain the production will be lower. Everything must be also measured because without numbers and benchmarks, it's difficult to select the most optimum solution.

Tesla's Elon Musk's approach includes five points (he also admitted that multiple times he made mistakes and moved backward):

  1. Make The Requirements Less Dumb
  2. Try And Delete Part Of The Process
  3. Simplify Or Optimize
  4. Accelerate Cycle Time
  5. Automate

As it turns out, the two engineering philosophies have a lot in common.

We will not summarize the entire lecture in this post, as it's really worth watching it to learn and apply in many areas - not only in manufacturing.

We would like to note that the extreme progress at Tesla and also the general shift to battery electric vehicles, which require new solutions, is a catalyst of change in the industry. In today's world, there is basically no chance to even survive without applying such methods and some competitors who will apply them, will very quickly gain big advantages.

Sandy Munro, on his mission to improve things, would for sure gladly see the automotive industry take the lesson - especially when there is tremendous competition coming from China - but as his experience and many examples prove, companies do not necessarily will go with a better solution even if it's available in front of them.

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