Indi EV is an electric car startup founded in 2017 and it plans to begin taking orders for its first model, the One, early next year. The vehicle is actually pretty interesting, and aside from all the usual figures about battery pack capacities or range ratings, the One has a few very unique features that other manufacturers are not including in their vehicles.

But let’s talk specs first. The One has a 95 kWh battery pack that the company says is good for a range of 275 miles (442 km). We are not told exactly how much power it makes, but the company claims it can sprint to 60 mph from nought in 5.5 seconds. The targeted MSRP for the vehicle is $45,000, roughly the price of a Tesla Model 3, although the launch edition will be better specced (and more expensive), featuring air suspension, 22-inch wheels and other extras.

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Andre Hudson, Indi EV Head of Design, explains the thinking behind the vehicle and why they believe it’s a different proposition to anything else currently on or on its way to market by saying that

We at Indi EV saw a disconnect in the software experience when consumers transition from using their computers and phones to getting into their cars. “Enabled by an electric vehicle platform, we saw an opportunity to bridge this gap and elevate what your vehicle can enable you to do with INDI ONE. We see cars as more than just a mode of transportation, but as a device that empowers the ‘you do you’ mentality. Through smart design, artificial intelligence, and unparalleled customization features, we’re expanding the horizons of how your vehicle can support your life.

So what are some of the unique features? Well, one is the vehicle’s onboard computer called VIC (Vehicle Integrated Computer). The company says that it is actually a ‘supercomputer’ that can not only play games, but thanks to the array of exterior and interior cameras it can capture footage from your travels or even automatically livestream content.

The vehicle will also feature what Indi calls the Life Assistant, a virtual assistant, a suite of safety features called Halo ADAS that displays warnings to the driver on the steering wheel. Indi One will be displayed at the company’s Beverly Hills showroom on October 14 and 15.

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