Rivian is taking a page out of Tesla’s book with its in-car software and the style of the infotainment. Just like Tesla’s infotainment, which has a few funny and quirky Easter eggs hidden throughout, Rivian is also giving its infotainment a unique twist through integrating a yet unnamed character into it.

It also has its own interpretation of what Tesla calls Sentry Mode, integrated into a larger Gear Guard suite of separate security systems. Rivian has yet to detail its surveillance and security ideas, although the suite will also include the vehicle’s active and passive safety systems under the same umbrella.


Rivian owners and those who are thinking of ordering one reportedly have mixed feelings about the unnamed cartoon character. Some understandably think it is not serious enough to e main feature in a car infotainment, while others love the idea and think it actually goes great with the vehicle’s character and purpose.

The R1T and R1S come with an array of 11 cameras that can see all the way around the vehicle, as well as 5 radars, as well as 12 ultrasonic sensors that all come as standard as part of the Driver+ pack. With Driver+ enabled, Rivian says the R1 will follow the road, maintain speed and brake when necessary all on its own, although the company still wants your full attention even with the system enabled.

Rivian has still not shown all the safety and security features that it wants to implement on its R1 vehicles, but even though opinions are mixed, we say it should keep its cartoon character. It is shown on the car’s main screen taking video of what’s around when the owner turns on the Gear Guard mode and it’s good because it might mislead a potential thief.

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